Pingyao Old Street Colorful Umbrella Fair Will Open on the Labor Day
Hangzhou News   2021-04-30 14:56   Source:Urban Express

Urban Express  A “meeting of flowers” will be held on Pingyao Old Street in north Hangzhou thisLabor Day. Rural· Urban Lounge & Made in Nature Folk Art Research Center has been built, following Made in Nature, which was settled in former Pingyao No.1 Primary School. Folkart shop will also open on 1st May after months of soft opening and adjustment, displaying more than 2,000 dazzling cultural and creative products in four sections. Why not drop by and have some fun on your way to the Colorful Umbrella Fair?

Author:Reporter: WANG Feifan  Correspondent: TANG Jinquan  Editor:Gao Mingzhen