The Opening Ceremony of the First Three-River Fishing Festival Was Held Last Night
Hangzhou News   2021-04-29 13:48   Source:Urban Express

Urban Express Sandu Fishing Village, located at the crossing of three rivers, is an otherworldly beautiful village surrounded by mountains and waters. The opening ceremony of the First Three-River Fishing Festival and the 8th Jiande Rural Culture Festival was held at 18:00 yesterday.

Besides the fishing festival, you can also visit Zhentou Dadui, Zhejiang’s 10,000th cultural hall, in Zhentou Village, spend a night at Clouds Roaming around Pine Trees, a B&B popular on the Internet, in Qianyuan Village, and listen to “red stories” in Wuxiang Village. Just choose the one you like best.

Author:Correspondents: LIU Zhiqiang & FANG Qi  Editor:Gao Mingzhen