Great Show during the Labor Day Holiday: Tonight in Xixi
Hangzhou News   2021-04-26 16:08   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Tonight in Xixi, a large-scale live-action cultural and tourism performance, was unveiled at Hongyuan, Xixi National Wetland on the night of 24th April and will be put on for the public on 1st May. Taking the story of HONG family, a distinguished family of Hongyuan, as the main line, the show makes perfect balance among beautiful Xixi, elegant humanity, and cool technology in various art forms, including performance art, music, song, dance, reciting, and opera, through different technologies, such as art lighting, holographic sound system, fountain, misty forest, holographic laser projection, emulation technique, and multi-media control. Together they bring a great immersive show full of Jiangnan aesthetics to the audience, displaying a new chapter in which the natural ecology and the historic humanity of Xixi Wetland echo with each other.

Author:Photo by LI Zhong (Reporter)  Editor:Zhang Di