Hangzhou Tianziling Eco Park: Welcome to Pick up Fruits Here When All Is Ready
Hangzhou News   2021-04-21 14:56   Source:Urban Express

Cherries in Tianziling Eco Park are mature now. Covering an area of about 80,000 square meters, the park is built on the first phase of the landfill. Besides, there's an independent orchard in the park called Shuo Guo Jia Yuan which has 2,000 cherry trees, 300 pear trees, 300 orange trees, 270 loquat trees, and 200 plum trees. Different fruits are ready for picking and eating in different seasons. A picker said, "Fresh fruits are picked up and offered in the canteen to employees, who would rush for the fruits every time. We're so glad to see that."

Author:HAN Chenke (Trainee reporter) WANG Qing (Reporter)  Editor:Zhang Di