Special parking spaces reduces conflicts with parked cars and others
Hangzhou News   2021-04-14 15:38   Source:City Express

Parking spaces are usually as narrow as to allowing a car to park.

In Hangzhou’s Yuhang, the first batch of new parking spaces has made its debut in Qiancang Street, a high-volume area for both cars and pedestrians.

Arranged in a lineas usual, these parking spaces are special for added aisles 30 to 50 cm wide with white stripes. They are used as a buffer zone for safely opening a car door without hitting the vehicles front behind.

Before that, conflicts with open car doors happened with high frequency, usually with bicyclists and pedestrians, as bike or pedestrian lanes are adjacent to parked cars.

According to statistics, the pilot program has seen zero conflicts between parked cars and road users since last year. More parking spaces of its kind will be put into wide use.

Author:Wu Yuehua  Editor:Zhang Di