The Only Two Green Cherry Blossom Trees in Hangzhou Bloom
Hangzhou News   2021-04-02 15:14   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Recently, a cherry blossom tree in the lawn on the west side of Cangshan Pavilion of Huagangguanyu Park is blooming with pinkish green flowers, which are particularly refreshing and elegant. This is a green cherry blossom tree rare in the cherry blossom world. Its scientific name is curcuma aromatic, belonging to the rosaceae family. With about 15 light yellow-green petals for each flower, it is fairly rare in the cherry blossom family featuring white and pink flowers. At present, only two green cherry blossom trees have been found in the urban area of Hangzhou, and the other is on the Xiaoyingzhou Island known as “three pools mirroring the moon”. The flowering phase of the green cherry blossom tree is only about one week, so citizens and tourists who want to enjoy it should go now before it is too late. 

Author:Reporter LI Zhong  Editor:Zhang Di