Crossing Hangzhou by metro
Hangzhou News   2021-04-02 14:32   Source:Tianmu News

Metro lines to a city is just like arteries to a human body as both of them constantly supplying nutrients to the main body.

Hangzhou Metro has opened seven lines with a total length of 306 km. There are 167 stations and 20 transfer stations, with an average daily passenger flow of 2.5 million. Hangzhou Metro network has achieved full coverage of ten urban areas, giving residents and visitors from all over the world a better travel experience.

The metro operates from 6 am to 10:30 pm every day, providing convenience to citizens. At the end of daily operation, the metro cars will be overhauled for about 45 minutes. With the accumulation of time and mileage, the metro cars will be regularly repaired and overhauled. When the operation life of the metro reaches five years or the running distance reaches 600,000 km, the unwheeling repair will be carried out, involving thousands of processes, and the maintenance personnel will maintain the bogie, wheel set, brake system and other important components. When the metro is overhauled, it will also carry out all-round inspection and maintenance of the entire body.

This year, Hangzhou Metro plans to open five new lines. In the fourth phase of the metro planning, there are 13 proposed lines with a total length of 299.8 km. Tens of thousands of people pour into Hangzhou every year, the size of the city changes with each passing day. And the metro runs through the city, supporting the city and making the city more and more prosperous.

Author: Reporter Ding Yige Zhang Di, Yang Chaobo  Editor:Zhang Di