A New Huashang Store Opened, with Extra-Long Graffiti Art Block Awaiting You
Hangzhou News   2021-03-29 14:38   Source: Hangzhou.com.cn

A new Huashang store, relocating to No. 500 Wensan Road, opened on 27 March. It was no doubt a hive of activity on its first day of service, as many old store members came early in the morning. A shopper said he had known a few days ago that the store would open at 8 o’clock today and as it was weekend, he came to see whether the new store had any difference. On the same day, a creative opening ceremony was further held by the CenturyMart New Huashang Store, with an ultra-long graffiti art block covering over 400 square meters particularly eye-catching.

Author:Reporter CHEN Wenjing  Editor:Zhang Di