Rainbow Expressway extension facillitates innercity commuting
Hangzhou News   2021-03-29 14:25   Source:City Express

The long-expecting western extension of the Rainbow Expressway will be open to traffic by the end of April.

The east-to-west extension will stretch a length of 17 km between Mailingsha Interchange (麦岭沙互通) and the north of National Highway 320, with 9km of it being the Zhijiang segment and 8km being the Fuyang segment.

Both segments aforementioned are two-way six-lane roads, and the speed limit on the expressway has been set high at 80 km/h.

Drivers can experience a travel time reduction from 30 mins to 12 mins passing through the Zhijiang segment. They are also expected to travel directly from the downtown to Fuyang County.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di