If You Happen to Be in Southern China This Spring, The Beauty of Spring Here Is Worthy of Appreciation
Hangzhou News   2021-03-26 14:35   Source:Hangzhou Daily

The newly sprouted buds of the tea plant in mountains, profusion of cherry blossoms in parks and delicious bamboo shoots on the dining table are standard configurations for the spring in Hangzhou. “If you happen to be in Southern China this spring, the beauty of spring here is worthy of appreciation”, from the city friends’ circle of friends, expresses the yearning for the beauty of spring in Hangzhou. It makes everyone feel that living in Southern China will make you happy. No matter which day in March you visit the West Lake, it seems that the Lady White and Green Snake are also visiting here. Are you still worrying about where to play on weekends? Come to the West Lake and meet the Lady White and Green Snake, to get the same-style spring restricted photo.

Author:Reporter DING Yijie Text/Photo ZHANG Yan Drawing  Editor:Zhang Di