Enjoy the Charm of Song Dynasty and the Beauty of Spring in February
Hangzhou News   2021-02-22 15:23   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Enjoy the delightful melody of guqin, recite poems about the plum blossoms, indulge in “Celestial beauty scattering flowers”, taste plum blossom cake… An outdoor spring event, with the theme of “Emperor Gaozong’s Royal Tour: Charm of Song Dynasty”, was held at Xixi National Wetland Park on 21st February, adding to the atmosphere of rejoicing and festivity for Xixi Plum Blossom Festival. It is said that Xixi Wetland will keep hosting beneficial events for migrant workers staying in Hangzhou for this Spring Festival until 28th February.

Author:Photo by LI Zhong (Reporter)  Editor:Zhang Di