Digital noseprint dog license piloted in HZ
Hangzhou News   2021-02-04 15:52   Source:City Express

Upload your dog's noseprint to apply for a digtal license

From Jan 22, Hangzhou citizens with dogs may upload the noseprint of their dog via Alipay to quickly apply for a digital dog license without stepping out of their door.

According to Hangzhou Urban Management Bureau, it is the first time in Hangzhou to introduce the noseprint recognition technology in pet management. With 99% accuracy, the technology is expected to help track the lost pets and manage pets digitally.

"We have been cooperating with Alipay to pilot the technology in Xihu District since September 2020 and will expand its application in the future," said Zhu Yan, official of Hangzhou Urban Management Bureau. Therefore, Hangzhou is expected to become the first city in China to digitalize pet management.

Online registration within 5 minutes

Mr. Liu in Xiacheng District has successfully applied for a digital dog license for his dog. "The whole process takes less than 5 minutes, and the reviewing can be completed in almost a day. In the future, the dog's immunization and annual inspection will also be followed up online, which is quite convenient indeed," Liu introduced.

A digital dog license can be obtained immediately in Hangzhou via Alipay after the pet owner fills in the relevant information and upload the photos as required. Your pet can then be retrieved with Alipass at any time.

Promising application prospects

A dog's noseprint is similar to a man's fingerprints in that they are unique and unchangeable, meaning that there are no two dogs with identical noseprints. Therefore, the staff can clearly identify a dog by scanning its nose with Alipay wherever it goes.

For most people, losing pets is a big blow. "It will be a blessing to have my Corgi found if it gets lost," said Mr. Zhou.

According to Gao Shengbing, the head of Alipay's noseprint recognition technology, they will continue to supply the technology for free to make things like pet transactions and medical care safer and more efficient.

Author:Zhang Silin  Editor:Gao Mingzhen