Shouzhang, Young People’s Spiritual Healing Tool and a Social Currency
Hangzhou News   2021-01-21 15:36   Source:Daily Business

Daily Business Shouzhang, orportable notebook, is part of the imported culture just like some other expensive trendy toys, Cosplay and JK uniforms young people crave for. It enjoys great popularity as a heated subculture. It is not rare for young guys to spend nearly a thousand yuan on a shouzhang. One after another offline shouzhang stores have sprung up and online shopping malls and crowdfunding channels often initiate collective buying and crowdfunding for a certain shouzhang product, attracting thousands of participants.

On stationary markets, a myriad of shouzhang products outwit conventional stationary with their distinctive consumption logic and social culture. 

Author:XUE Jin  Editor:高明桢