HZ old community renovation enhanced with elevator installation
Hangzhou News   2021-01-11 15:42   Source:City Express

Ms. Xu from Shanhusha Community, HZ's Zhijiang, said she had never dreamed of riding up an elevator right to her apartment.

Jan 7 was the first day that the new elevator was put into use.

More thrilled was her mother, an 87-year-old lady who rode twice already to visit her friends she has long unseen, even though they live in the same building.

The community was built in 2005,with 6-storey apartments. Over 200 among the residents are the elderly. That’s also the case in numerous old communities in Hangzhou.

“As climbing and up and down the stairs become more difficult, my mother barely leaves the apartment since she injured her knees badly three years ago .”

“The view outside the balcony was the whole world to Xu’s mother and many others in her age. That’s pathetic.”Added Xu.

Since the rollout in 2017, more than 1,800 old apartments in Hangzhou have been fitted with elevators.

Recently, a regulation was issued on Elevator Management in HZ Old Communities, the first of its kind in the nation, to specify the installation.

In more buildingswhere conditions permit, elevators will be installedas planned. “They will largely improve the mobility for the seniors.”said Ren Yueqing, president of the community.

Author:  Editor:张翟