Has Hangzhou Been Prepared for the Battle of COVID-19 Prevention and Control This Winter and Next Spring?
Hangzhou News   2021-01-07 14:13   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Hangzhou Daily Clusters of COVID-19 cases have emerged in China this winter. There’s even a super-spread case in Dalian: one infects 11, and 11 infect 33 more. As a result, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee held a standing committee session and the Provincial COVID-19 Prevention and Control Work Leading Group Meeting on 5th January, demanding a strict, tense state for all to get prepared for the COVID-19 prevention and control work this winter and next spring and deliver an excellent report.

Author:Reporter: LI Weihe WANG Yanying Photo by: Wangxiang SI Chunhua  Editor:高明桢