4 HZ Metro Lines open simultaneously today
Hangzhou News   2020-12-30 15:24   Source:City Express

Three Hangzhou metro lines open for operation simultaneouslyat 11 a.m. today on Dec30, namelyMetro Line 1 Phase III, Line 6 Phase I, Hangzhou-Fuyang Line (operating through with Line 6), and the first section of Line 7.

The third phase of Line 1 and the first section of Line 7 connect Hangzhou City Station, Hangzhou East Station, Coach Center, and Olympic Sports Center respectively, and then intersect at Xiaoshan International Airport Station, forming an important trunk line linking the main city to the secondaries,and the ground-transithubto the airline hub.The total length of Metro Line 1 Phase III is about 11.2 kilometers, which is laid in a fully underground way, with five stations, including one interchange station.

The first section of Metro Line 7 starts from Olympic Sports Center Station and ends at Jiangdong'er Road Station, with a total length of about 39.3 km and 19 underground stations, including five interchange stations.

Phase I of Metro Line 6, with a total length of about 27km, has 18 underground stations, including five interchange ones.

The 23.5km-long Hangzhou-Fuyang Line, starting from China Academy of Art Xiangshan Campus Station and ending at West Guihua Road Station with 12 underground stations, will operate through Line 6 and Hang Fu Line after it is open to traffic.

Thelength of the lines to be opened exceeds100 km, and the total mileage of Hangzhou metro will be more than 300 kmthen.

Hangzhou is about to achieve metro coverage in all ten urban areas for the first time,whichmeans that Hangzhou's rail transportationwillofficially enter a new stage of development.

Author:Zhang Silin  Editor:Zhang Di