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From Fuyang to Dajiangdong: Hangzhou Builds Another Expressway Running East to West
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/11/19 11:37  City Express

City Express Stations along Hangzhou-Fuyang Interurban Railway are filled with people recently, making emergency practice before the metro line opens. According to the planning, Hangzhou-Fuyang Interurban Railway will open simultaneously with Line 6 by the end of this year.

Then how's  the synchronous western extension project of the Rainbow Expressway going?

The construction company said yesterday that it is now under full-speed construction and the main lane can be finished at the same time with the railway and Line 6. But considering some finishing touches left to be done, it will probably be put into service next year.

Hangzhou’s expressway network is proceeding rapidly recently. Multiple expressways, including Rainbow Expressway and Fengqing Avenue, have made new progress lately.

Author: Editor:高明桢
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