Geely and Daimler AG Will Set up a Factory and Make smart in China

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Hangzhou's Largest “Underground City” at the Olympic and International Expo Center Is on the Way!
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/05/22 15:36  Hangzhou Daily

Another good news from Hangzhou Olympic and International Expo Center following the junction of the steel arch bridge of “Gate of Hangzhou” (Hangzhou Century Center) last month: the main body of the underground part of Xinda Center Commercial Complex has been finished, which means the construction of the overground part will start soon. It is said that Hangzhou’s largest “underground city” is hidden in the Expo Center. Covering an area of 986,000km2, which is equivalent to 138 standard soccer fields, it will be basically finished before the 2020 Asian Games, making it a highlight of the river-embracing development of Hangzhou.

Author:Reported by YU Min Editor:Zhou Xia
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