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Things to keep in mind in terms of the COVID-19 prevention and control at home
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/03/25 16:51  温州新闻网

How to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 at home?

Rest regularly, exercise moderately and have sufficient sleep.

Keep good habits of personal hygiene: Wash the hands frequently and avoid touching the eyes, nose or mouth with dirty hands; Cover the nose and mouth with tissues when coughing or sneezing.

Avoid sharing towels among family members and keep the house clean.

Ventilate the room frequently and keeping it clean as well as tidy.

Cover the toilet seat when flushing it.

Prepare thermometers, disposable surgical masks, surgical masks, N95/KN95 masks, household disinfection supplies and so on.

Reduce the outings as far as possible.

Avoid close contact with people who have symptoms of respiratory illness, such as fever, coughing or sneezing as far as possible.

Try to avoid all the kinds of parties, crowded places or enclosed space.

Avoid contact with wildlife, poultry, and livestock.

Pay close attention to symptoms such as fever and cough.

How to disinfect at home?

Skin disinfection: Choose to wipe or soak with surgical spirit for disinfection.

Home environment disinfection: Use surgical spirit or chlorine-containing disinfectants to wipe the surface of the object.

Pay attention to the effective components of the disinfectants and safe use method of the disinfectants:

Alcohol is flammable. Keep alcohol away from fire and combustibles, and do not spray or use it for large areas of disinfection. Otherwise, the increase of ethanol concentration in the air could cause a fire.

When using chlorine-containing disinfectants, pay attention to the preparation method, dilution ratio, etc. In particular, avoid mixing with other disinfectants, which may produce a large amount of toxic gases. The specific usage shall be operated according to the descriptive literature.

Heat-resistant articles disinfection: Boil the articles for 15 minutes to disinfect them.

Can we prevent novel coronavirus (COVID-19) by taking cold granules, Radix Isatidis or fumigating vinegar?

The answer is NO! Cold granules and Radix Isatidis are not effective against the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), and fumigating vinegar is not an effective elimination method for the virus.

What shall we do in the diet?

Do not eat sick animals and their products.

Buy chilled and fresh poultry from regular channels, and fully cook eggs, milk, and poultry.

Separate cutting boards and knives for handling raw and cooked food; Wash hands between handling raw and cooked food.

Even in epidemic areas, the meat is safe to eat if it is thoroughly cooked and properly handled during food preparation.

Pay attention to diet and nutrition.

Author: Editor:Wang Yueyun
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