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Associations of Wenzhou people from abroad make joint efforts to help overseas Chinese students
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/03/25 16:25  浙江侨联

The development of overseas epidemic always affects the hearts of overseas Chinese, overseas students and their relatives at home. How can overseas Chinese and students do a good job in epidemic prevention and control? If we reduce the flow, make good use of the Internet and help each other, we will be able to overcome the epidemic.

Due to the rapid development of the epidemic in the United States, 25 states have announced the suspension of classroom teaching, and schools require students to move out of their dormitories as soon as possible to prevent gatherings. Shao Li said, "There are about 2000 Wenzhou students studying in the United States. Our task is to help them find local hotels. In the United States, we have contacted the Marriott hotels set up by Wenzhou Chinese." Now, New York Marriott has agreed to fully support Wenzhou overseas students, offering room rates of $89, morning, lunch, dinner and other services

Create 30 WeChat groups to help global students in foreign countries fight against the epidemic

On March 9, the Federation of overseas students learned about the outbreak of the epidemic in the United States and the sharp increase in the number of patients. It quickly established a five-person care group and contacted Lin Guang, President of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce of the United States, to discuss how to provide assistance to them.

On March 11, Lin Guang set up the anti-epidemic committee of the American Federation of Students in a special emergency, and the united federation of international students in the WeChat group launched a fund-raising auction to support international students, up to now has received nearly 100,000 yuan donations and various supplies.

It is urgent to fight against the epidemic. In recent days, the Federation has established 19 WeChat service groups in the United States. 11 WeChat service groups have also been established in the UK, Italy, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, and other places. "On March 17, there were also overseas students in the UK who received the notice from the University to change face-to-face courses to online courses. We are preparing masks and actively contacting overseas Chinese groups and hotels. "Shao Li said

Online psychological counseling and off-line medical supplies

At 3 p.m. on March 18, the Federation also invited Dr. Zhang Huaiqin from Heping International Hospital to teach epidemic prevention knowledge to the Wenzhou overseas students. Zhang Huaiqin answered the questions for the students by means of remote video.

The Federation not only provides online psychological counseling and telemedicine assistance but also provides offline medical materials such as masks and alcohol. A few days ago, the Federation received a letter of help from the USC Overseas Students' Federation. The masks of Zhejiang international students of the USC were in short supply. In consideration of the time difference in the delivery of materials, Shao Li immediately contacted the Zhejiang National Chamber of Commerce and jointly donated 4200 masks for the students.

Wenzhou Overseas Chinese Associations in nine countries have launched caring activities for Wenzhou overseas students and their families.

Up to now, the association of overseas students and their families in Wenzhou has joined with Wenzhou Overseas Chinese Associations in nine countries to carry out caring activities for Wenzhou overseas students and their families.

During the outbreak, caring activities provided the following services:

Directly distribute anti-epidemic materials such as masks through Overseas Chinese Associations;

Hold medical lectures and Q & A from time to time online;

Online psychological assistance;

Help the local overseas students to find residence;

Help the parents of overseas students to sort out various local epidemic information as well as exit and entry information at domestic and foreign airports.

Author: Editor:Wang Yueyun
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