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Chin up, Italy! Romantic Hangzhou Bus 1314 Has a New Look
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/03/25 16:20  City Express

In August of last year, Hangzhou has launched a special bus route No.1314 in a bid to symbolize the China-Italy friendship. This special route has been operated for seven months and served a number of passengers to their destinations.  

Italy is one of the hardest-hit European countries during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has tugged the heartstrings of Chinese people.

According to the Hangzhou Bus Group, bus No.1314 has a brand new look under the theme of "Cheer up, Italy" from 23 March.

The arias from Turandot opera are marked on the bus body, singing that “Vanish, o night! Fade, you stars! Fade, you stars! At dawn, I will win! I will win! I will win!”

Red, white and, green are the main colors covering the bus, which represent Italy. Images of landmarks in Hangzhou including Three Pools Mirroring the Moon and Italy's Roman Colosseum , as well as the slogan are also printed on the bus body. The slogan words both in Chinese and Italian are saying that "Italy, come on!"

Author:Lu Xiao Editor:Wang Yueyun
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