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Immersive Street Culture Event Kicks off on Hubin Pedestrian Street
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2019/10/10 14:33  Shangcheng Release

To celebrity the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Fascinated in Hubin--A Tour of Culture and Tourism" was launched at Hubin Pedestrian Street. Cultural scholars, artists, and students will hold a month-long immersive street culture event there.

Violin Performance

At the intersection of Dongpo Road and Pinghai road and the flower wall, violinists are playing songs like "I Love You China" and "Praise of Love" to express their love to China.

Onsite Painting

Students from China Academy of Art will have onsite painting in the street. 

Culture of Southern Song Dynasty

The scholars and students of the Southern Song College will display the culture and characteristic art of the Southern Song Dynasty to promote the customs of that period.

People can enjoy Guqin art of Zhe School, the world-class intangible cultural heritage, search the history of Guqin, experience the basic fingering of Guqin, listen to the music.

African Drum Performance

You will feel as if you were crossing the vast African wilderness, feeling the harmony between human beings and nature. 

Author:Fang Jingyi Editor:Wang Yueyun
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