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Wanted: New Country Cultural Tourism Projects in Yangtze River Delta
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2019/09/10 16:22  

The 2019 Yangtze River Delta New Country Culture & Tourism Creators' Convention is calling for entries.

Organized by Wuxing District Government, hosted by Wuxing District Cultural, Radio, Tourism and Sports Bureau as well as the City Express, it is one of the local implementation projects of the Chinese Ministry of Cultural and Tourism in 2019. With the theme of "New Country Villages in the Yangtze River Delta", the convention focuses on rural cultural and creative products, systematically organizing rural cultural resources, preserving rural cultural heritage, and expanding rural cultural innovation, with the aim to promote the creative transformation and development of rural cultural resources to rural cultural economy.

Cultural tourism startup projects (teams) related to silk, porcelain, pen, tea, wine, guesthouse, etc. as well as Wuxing in Huzhou, are welcome to apply. 10 high-quality projects will be selected with benefits of one-on-one tutorials, mainstream media coverage in the Yangtze River Delta, preferential subsidies for localization, and a chance of collaborating with Zhejiang Rural College. 

How to apply:

·Email your project PPT to 751928316@qq.com with your contact information before September 17.

·Shortlisted projects will be invited to Wuxing on September 18.

·20 projects will be qualified to the final roadshow on September 24.

·Top 10 projects will be invited to the 2019 Yangtze River Delta New Country Culture & Tourism Creators' Convention in late October.


1 First Place: 10,000 yuan

1 Second Place: 5,000 yuan

1 Third Place: 3,000 yuan

7 Innovation Awards: 1,000 yuan each

For any inquiries, please contact: 13968025083

Author:City Express Editor:Wang Yueyun
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