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Children from Zhejiang and Hubei sang songs to thank all medical workers on the frontline
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/04/01 09:21  Zhejiang News

On 30th March, children from Zhejiang Radio Children’s Chorus and Hubei Radio Children’s Chorus sang the theme song of the Public Welfare of Jili - Their Smiles Are Still Brilliant, to pay tribute to all doctors and nurses who are fighting on the frontlines of the epidemics. The children portrayed hopes and delivered wishes with their innocent singing.

In Donghu Lake of Wuhan, where cherry flowers are in full blossom, and West Lake of Hangzhou, where iris and orchids on the banks grow luxuriant and green, children’s singing of their wonderful wishes for medical workers fills up the entire spring. The friendship has subconsciously developed between these two areas.

With the wide epidemic of COVID-19, more than 40,000 medical workers, dressed in their uniforms, went to Hubei Province to battle against COVID-19 to save people infected with COVID-19 bravely without hesitation. In addition, numerous doctors and nurses stayed in their homelands to protect the safety and health of ordinary people around them.

With medical workers’ persistent work and efforts day and night, and all Chinese people’s united efforts through thick and thin, Hubei Province and even the entire China, which were ever “paused”, have been “restarted and restored” again. Meanwhile, long-expected smiles have been seen on many dejected faces.

Right now, the worldwide epidemic situation is still serious. All medical workers of the world are still fighting against diseases. Chinese medical workers promptly supported countries such as Iran, Italy, and Cambodia. Thanks to their support, friendships have developed between China and these countries.

It is noteworthy that among many children of this Zhejiang Radio Children’s Chorus singing in the above song, most of their parents are doctors, who have been working on the frontlines in this “anti-epidemic battle”.

When these parents were determined to put on their “battle uniforms”, they set the best example for their children with their indomitable hard work and extraordinary braveness. Believe that their benevolence will deeply influence their children, who are hopes of our motherland.

The children successively drew cartoons with words such as "Wuhan, fighting!", “Fighting, medical workers!” and “Wait for your return” by their immature drawing skills, just to pay their respects to the medical workers in their hearts. 

Such benevolence and love are secretly transmitted between the two generations.

“With unchanged benevolence”, warmth is conveyed among generations.

In this long-lasting anti-epidemic battle, hope that those born in the 1930s, from the 1940s to 1990s and after 2000 could keep growing while advancing forward and lit up the darkness with light so that the cities which have been paused for a long time could become ablaze again.

Author:Lu Yao Editor:Wang Yueyun
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