Hangzhou releases the scheme to create Hangzhou Model for waste recycling
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-10-18 16:30   Source: Hangzhou Daily

According to the recent sources from Hangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission (HDRC), Implementation Scheme of Hangzhou for Building Waste Materials Recycling System (2022-2025) has been officially issued. Focusing on the whole-chain waste materials recycling system featured by “network-oriented recycling, convenient services, factory-like sorting, efficient utilization and information-based supervision”, the Implementation Scheme aims to redouble efforts to enhance the whole society’s efficiency in social resource utilization and quicken the step of building Hangzhou Model for waste recycling. The Implementation Scheme will take effect on October 21. 

Author: Reporter: Liu Jinyang Correspondent: Zeng Dongcheng/HDRC Publicity Department   Editor: Chen Junnan