Building Economy in Some Parts of Hangzhou Keeps Pace with First-Tier Cities
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2021-12-14 15:02   Source:City Express

According to Blue Book of Central Business District: Annual Report on CBD Industrial Development (2020) released at the beginning of this year, Wulin Business District in the old town of Hangzhou now has 123 business buildings, among which 54 of them (near 44%) make a tax revenue of more than RMB 100 million, keeping pace with fir-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai. There are also more than 10 office buildings making a tax revenue of more than RMB 100 million in Qianjiang New City, where Qianjiang International Times Square is located.

Up to now Hangzhou has had three developed business districts: Wulin Business District, Huanglong Business District, and Qianjiang New City.


Author:Article and Photo by HUANG Yuxuan (Reporter)  Editor:Wang Jian