The First Online Auction of West Lake Longjing Tea Closes at RMB 59,800
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2021-12-14 15:02   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Presale Auction of West Lake Spring Longjing Tea 2022 was launched on Ali Auction, a section on Taobao, on December 12. Five hundred grams of West Lake spring Longjing tea, the first batch in 2022, made by FAN Shenghua, inheritor of provincial-level intangible cultural heritage, was sold at RMB 59,800.

This is the first online tea farmer-oriented presale auction of West Lake spring Longjing tea. All items are from the first batch of West Lake spring Longjing tea of 2022 and will be delivered three days after West Lake Longjing Tea Picking Day around mid-March (to be announced in public). West Lake Longjing Tea Farmers Association will provide credit guarantee for the production places of all auction items, making sure that every single tea leaf is “genuine” and “premium”.


Author:Article by ZHANG Lanlinzi (Correspondent) Photo by LI Zhong (Reporter)  Editor:Wang Jian