“Tourism + Double 11”: Travel Agencies Provide “Future Trip” Service, Allowing Customers to Arrange Schedule after Placing Their Order
Hangzhou News   2021-11-05 15:30   Source:Daily Business

As “Double 11” is coming soon, a number of online travel platforms and physical travel agencies are busy introducing sales promotions to grab some market share and create novel marketing modes, among which “future trip” is particularly popular. Online travel platforms are bringing new products that allow customers to book in advance and cancel at any time (valid until 2022). And physical travel agencies and hotels are trying to expand the travel radius of “future trip”. Their hot products include “Sui Xin Fei” (Fly as you wish), “Sui Xin Zhu” (Stay as you wish), “Free Stay”, etc.


Author:YANG Yilin (Reporter) Diagram by JIANG Zhongjie  Editor:Wang Jian