Design of OPPO's R&D HQ in HZ stuns world
Hangzhou News   2021-04-23 14:40   Source:Hangzhoufeel

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), the Danish architecture studio has released its design for the new R&D headquarters of OPPO, a leading Chinese smartphone company.

Named the "O-Tower", this infinity loop-shaped skyscraper is located in the Future Sci-Tech City of Hangzhou's Yuhang District. The construction of the project was announced to start in December 2021.

According to BIG, the skyscraper is designed to "connect the earth to the sky in a continuous loop of collaboration".

The unique design attracted attention from the media globally and more details of the new skyscrapers are revealed.

The architects created an interior courtyard at the center of the O and formed the top of the tower into a dramatic loop that dips down at the southern edge of the building. The courtyard and dynamic infinity loop allow plenty of natural light to enter the offices and shared spaces in O-Tower. --My Modern Met

Beneath the sloping roof, triple-height voids and connected terraces with biophilia were implemented to provide visual and physical connectivity between floors. These in-between spaces, which are visible from the outside, bring out human interaction and animate the facades. The facades are wrapped with adaptive louvers that are oriented with respect to the sun's positioning. They will provide an imprint exclusive for the O-Tower and Hangzhou, reducing solar gain by up to 52%, and providing significant savings for cooling loads, all while reducing glare, reflectivity, and light pollution.--ArchDaily

Reflecting on the scheme, BIG founder Bjarke Ingels said, "we have attempted to imagine the future work environment of OPPO to be sustainable on a triple bottom line: economically, ecologically and socially. The compact form folding in on itself provides large flexible floorplates with the daylight access and fresh air of a slender tower. --Archinect

"Technology at its best should be a seamless extension of life," said BIG partner Brian Yang.

"The new OPPO R&D headquarters embodies this notion, sitting with ease in the scenic wetlands of Hangzhou while negotiating between the dense urban fabric on one side and the natural landscape on the other," he continued.

"It will be an architectural manifestation of an OPPO product: effortlessly elegant while elevating the quality of human life in the city." --Dezeen

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di