Hangzhou launches 'tech brain' for sci-tech companies
Hangzhou News   2021-04-19 14:33   Source:ehangzhou.gov.cn

An interface of the Hangzhou Tech Brain. [Photo/hangzhou.gov.cn]

The Hangzhou Tech Brain, the latest move in Hangzhou's digital governance efforts, was recently put into operation, local media outlets reported.

The 'brain' is a database, as well as a management and service platform for science and technology companies, aiming to provide them access to innovative resources, help them better understand local policies, find targeted sci-tech services, as well as lower costs in innovation.

The system has integrated 25 services that are of the greatest concern, such as online applications for foreigners' work permits in China, authentication of provincial-level small and medium-sized sci-tech companies, as well as inquiries about provincial sci-tech rewards and key research projects.

"The 'brain' has obtained key data of Hangzhou's science and technology industries. It will follow smart management, offer targeted services, and make digitized solutions to local companies," said an official at the local science and technology bureau.

Efforts will continuously be made to improve the Hangzhou Tech Brain, which include expanding its roles in safe operation and visual management.

Statistics show that the number of high-tech companies in Hangzhou grew by 2,440 to 7,705 by the end of 2020. The number of provincial small and medium-sized sci-tech companies grew by 4,203 to 14,576. The number of sci-tech companies included in the city's start-up supporting project grew by 847 to 5,966.

An interface of the Hangzhou Tech Brain. [Photo/hangzhou.gov.cn]

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di