Grow your own vegetables in pots
Hangzhou News   2021-04-02 14:48   Source:City Expres

So true of “as you sow so shall you reap” that the vegetable plants sell so well in farmer's market stallsrecently.

Planted in the pots or containers, because there is not much space in the city to grow food, a variety of vegetables, from cucumbers to chilis and pumpkins, are available for you to choose from.

“Each plant sells at 2.5 yuan,” Mr. Hu, a vendor told theCity Express. Hu has been selling vegetable plants each year at this time, for 15 consecutive years.

“Vegetables require sufficient supply of sunlight,” He reminded the customers, “but remember not to give extra water than they can take, usually water them when the soil surface becomes dry.”

“I savored more the vegetables my mom grew on the balcony,” a netizen commented.

“The gardening process is the most exciting part,” another reposted.

Author:Wu Yuehua  Editor:Zhang Di