HZ places national sci-tech center in Qiangtang New Area
Hangzhou News   2021-03-29 14:31   Source:City Express

A new comprehensive national-level sci-techcenterwill be set in Hangzhous Qiangtang New Area, after four others in Beijing, Shanghai, Hefei and Shenzhen respectively.

Backed up by the Xiasha higher education zone, the biggest of its kind in Zhejiang, and 30 reputed sci-tech platforms including the Institute of Basic Medicine and Cancer, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the sci-tech centeris reinforcing its commitments to serve as a world-class highland for the digital economy and smart manufacture, and an integration of humanity and culture.

Gao Xingfu, Vice President of Zhejiang Province stated that Zhejiang propels its overall development to become the most influential and competitive province in terms of technological and industrial innovation system and talents.

The center will focus on the aspects of science, industry, city, and people once completed. More laboratories and infrastructure amenities will be added, making perfect settings for work, study, and recreation, as well as a national-leading startup ecosystem.

Author:Wu Yuehua  Editor:Zhang Di