Par-cooked Spring Festival dinner combos rolled out in China
Hangzhou News   2021-01-18 14:09   Source:City Express

Hema Fresh, Alibaba's supermarket brand, Dingdong Maicai, a fresh grocery e-commerce platform, and other restaurants are rolling out to deliver fully or partially-cooked Spring Festival dinner in cities like Hangzhou, in a bid to cater to the customers who decided to stay in town for the Chinese new year holiday.

"Although it was a difficult decision to make, not going home was the right one to avoid fueling the pandemic," said Chen and her roommate, who acknowledged the dinner still being the most important ritual in the New Year's Eve wherever they are.

The dish deliveries came just in time for them, and for those who rack their brains in preparing the reunion dinner.

A table laden with regional specialties from across China would be served door-to-door in an hour after the customers place the order -- steamed abalone from Guangdong, coconut chicken from Hainan, and sheep scorpion hot pot from Beijing, the dishes of which are steeped in the rich Chinese food culture.

More big restaurants and food platforms are anchoring on the deli delivery market, which is different from fast food delivery. Cooked by chefs and placed in vacuum sealers, the regional specialty combos will even be delivered to cities afar while remaining the most authentic.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di