Can you tell which burger is plant-based?
Hangzhou News   2020-12-25 15:24   Source:City Express

On Dec 23, Burger King China joined forces with Unilever brand "The Vegetarian" to launch the "Butcher Plant-Based Whopper", a meatless burger, in 325 outlets in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou on the same day.

Although the Chinese version of meatless burgers are different from those in the US, where the first of its kind was launched one year ago, they taste and look just the same as a meat Whopper one.

For those who look for a delicious burger, the plant-based Wopper is not only an ideal sustainable diet, made with a vegan patty, and wrapped with FSC certified recycled papers, but yummy as well, as they are also flipped on the broiler, topped with onions, pickles, and sliced tomatoes.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di