Complete the Industrial Structure of Zhejiang with “Intelligent Manufacturing in Hangzhou”: Hangzhou-Based 5G Intelligent Module Is Put into Mass Production
Hangzhou News   2020-12-24 14:25   Source:​Urban Express

Urban Express An unmanned 5G robotic vacuum cleaner made its first appearance in Xiacheng District in late November. This new invention, a combination of 5G, AI, automated driving, and unmanned cleaning technologies, can be used in urban plazas, sidewalks, parks and other places. Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital issued China’s first remote ultrasonic medical certificate for a suspected COVID-19 case with the assistance of a 5G+ remote ultrasonic robot at the beginning of this year. Hangzhou has now reached a full coverage of 5G outdoors.

Author:Correspondent: ZHANG Ping Reporter: CHENG Chao  Editor:高明桢