Geely and Daimler AG Will Set up a Factory and Make smart in China

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Hangzhou's New Talents Plan Has Brought 49 Programs Valuing Higher Than One Billion Yuan
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/05/29 14:58  Zhejiang Daily

Hangzhou has swum against the current this year thanks to its new talents plan focusing on attracting investment and talents, which has brought 49 programs valuing higher than one billion yuan, the total amount of investment adding up to 138.7 billion yuan. Hangzhou ranks first in Zhejiang Province and among the best throughout the whole country in the number of newly-added state-level and provincial-level overseas high-level talents and talents from New Century Talents Project. The net talent inflow rate and the net Internet talent inflow rate continue to rank first in China.

Author: Reported by ZHANG Liu Editor:Zhou Xia
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