Geely and Daimler AG Will Set up a Factory and Make smart in China

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Alibaba's New Retail Furniture Store Debuts in HZ
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/04/22 17:12  City Express

The new retail is about bringing technology into the brick and mortar stores -- artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robots, QR codes, mobile payments, mobile apps and many others that help you to know better about everything in the stores, and speedy deliveries.

As the original place of new retail, Hangzhou gave birth to another new retail store in Binjiang District on Monday. Derlook, a specialist importer of quality furniture, teamed up with Alibaba's furniture and home decor sub-brand, “Tang Ping (躺平)”, to roll out a brick and mortar store as the pilot scheme of luxury household retails in Hangzhou.

Covering 8000 sqm, the store has functional areas including the furniture pavilion, soft decoration pavilion, whole house customization and coffee shop.

It is a buyer's shop that has fusion brands and categories, along with its luxury furniture and home decor, making it easy for customers to live their styles and create homes.

In other words, you can buy the Beast's vase or Jorlor's chair in one store. All large size commodities will be provided home deliveries and in-door installation without charges. Consumers are allowed to return commodities within 7-day after purchase for any reason.

The project will be landed in another 20 cities around the country in the next three years, in a bid to provide more high-quality products for young customers.

Alibaba's T-mall has allegedly launched a direct-sale store, namely ZhiMa Home (知嘛家), which attempts to enter the furniture and home decor market under the support of Alibaba and Derlook.

Author:Lu Xiao Editor:Wang Yueyun
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