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A Hangzhou-based company develops AI-powered robots to provide counseling services for people impacted by COVID-19
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/03/26 16:55  Zhejiang News

To fight against the epidemic, psychological assistance is indispensable. The AI psychological service robot made by a science and technology enterprise in Hanzhou has provided psychological services to more than 400,000 people in Wuhan. The enterprise is making joint efforts with Yuhang District Health Bureau, Ningxia Federation of Trade Unions and the Third People’s Hospital of Huzhou to produce customized AI psychological service robots.

Shortly after the outbreak of the epidemic, relevant departments in Wuhan city put forward their demand for customized online intelligent psychological service robots. The enterprise then produced "Wuhan Psychological Assistance Angel", which was launched on January 20. It provides functions of epidemic knowledge popularization, pressure-relief games, the current situation of the epidemic, psychological assessment, psychological assistance, online self-help psychological consultation, etc.

As of March 22, nearly 400,000 users in Wuhan have sought help from the Angel, among which about 100,000 people used the human-computer interaction service and about 70,000 people received the intelligent psychological intervention with an effective intervention rate of over 65%. According to the data, the most perplexing problems for people in Wuhan are their broken mentality caused by the epidemic, anxiety, and panic over a possible infection. At the same time, the most perplexing problems for people in Hanzhou are their broken mentality caused by the epidemic and quarantine, and depression. Accurate and effective user portrait provides practical and effective support for the accurate formulation and implementation of various policies.

During the epidemic, highly efficient psychological service robots play such an important role in Wuhan that government departments and enterprises all over the country have introduced the system in a few days.

Author:Zeng Fuquan Editor:Wang Yueyun
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