Time for Your Entrepreneurial Dream
Hangzhou News   2016-10-21 15:04   Source:Hangzhou Daily

The Fifth Hangzhou College Student Entrepreneurship Competition has started the registration! The signing up time is from October 20 to December 20, via the tournament committee's official website http://www.hzrc.com/cy.

Hangzhou College Student Entrepreneurship Competition is sponsored by the Hangzhou Government and has been held biannually since 2008. The first four competitions had attracted 7,915 entrepreneurial programs at home and abroad, among which 227 outstanding ones had been localized in Hangzhou by setting up 231 enterprises. Having a big influence among colleges and universities throughout the country, the tournament has become an important platform for excellent college student entrepreneurial teams to start their businesses in Hangzhou.

The tournament entrants are mainly the full-time students and within-5-year graduates of the regular colleges and universities .

According to the competition procedures, the top 400, 200, and 18 programs will be selected in the preliminaries, the semi-finals, and the finals correspondingly, before the next year finals in May.

Policies were made that the top 400 entries, as long as registered in Hangzhou before May 31, 2018, will be awarded a college student venture funding of 50,000 yuan or above, or even as high as 200,000 yuan.

The localized enterprises of the winning programs will be able to enjoy the policies after expert evaluations, as long as they meet the requirements of the hatching projects for the Hangzhou technology-based start-ups, or meet the conditions of the relevant supportive policies made for the city’s information technology, E-business, cultural and creative industry, tourism and leisure, etc.

If the winning programs will localize in the Jiang’gan district, they will get all kinds of policy supports, according to the relevant supportive policies for localizing the programs, such as discount loans, venue rental subsidies, housing subsidies, and intermediary service subsidies.