Successful 2nd rehearsal for Hangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony  2023-09-04 17:11   

On the evening of 31st August, the second rehearsal for the Hangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony took place smoothly at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium. Both Chief Director and Chief Producer, Sha Xiaolan, and Chief Director, Lu Chuan, took part in the whole course of the rehearsal.


This rehearsal faithfully replicated every segment of the Hangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony. The artistic performances of the Opening Ceremony draw the inspiration from Chinese traditional culture while having the world in view. They showcase the unique allure and appeal of Eastern aesthetics, highlighting cultural depth, technological innovation, artistic expression, and the beauty of nature, humanity, and sports. The portrayal of the harmonious Asia as One Big Family is a depiction of joyous unity. According to the attendees, the spectacular live effect left them awe-struck.

Source:  Author: Text by Huang Ziwei Editor: Ye Lijiao