2023 China National Cycling Mountain Bike Championship kicked off in Chun'an
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2023-07-27 08:29   

On July 24, the "Exciting Hangzhou" 2023 China National Cycling Mountain Bike Championships and National Youth Cycling Mountain Bike Championships kicked off at the Chun'an Jieshou Sports Centre Mountain Bike Course in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Over 100 athletes competed for champions in 11 events.


Cycling mountain bike is a cross-country race using mountain bikes. The race site shall be rugged road surface with natural obstacles, and artificial obstacles shall be set up if necessary.

After the competition, athletes shared their surprise at coming across a beautiful lake during the race, which relieved their tension and made them feel joyful.

Source: hangzhou2022.cn  Author: Text by Ye Lijiao Editor: Ye Lijiao