Ningbo's artists welcome Asian Games with artworks  2023-07-27 08:28   

The Asian Games is not only a comprehensive sports event in Asia but also a grand cultural feast. In Xiangshan County, Ningbo, Zhejiang, numerous artists actively engaged in artistic creation and presented artworks to welcome the coming Hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games.

As one of the co-host cities for the Hangzhou Asian Games, Ningbo will host sailing and beach volleyball events.


"Sailing through waves for the Asian Games competition", root carving created by Zhang Dehe, a master of root carving from Xiangshan


Artist Xie Caihua combines paper-cutting workmanship and Asian Games cultural elements, creating paper cuttings depicting athletes' typical postures in 41 sports events, including swimming, sailing, yachting, beach volleyball, canoe, fencing, weightlifting, etc.


Folk artist Lin Aiguo creatively welds discarded bicycle hubs, iron rings, metal pieces, chains, and other materials and creates iron artworks that depict scenes of horse racing, tennis matches, and bicycle races.

Source:  Author: Text by Ye Lijiao Editor: Ye Lijiao