2023 National Impaired Cycling Championships kicks off at Chun'an Jieshou Sports Centre
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2023-06-13 09:00   

The "Exciting Hangzhou" 2023 National Impaired Cycling Championships kicked off at the Chun'an Jieshou Sports Centre on June 10. A total of 76 para athletes from 10 representative teams from across the country competed at high speed by the Qiandao Lake. The competition consisted of two events: cycling track and cycling road.


Wang Yonghai from the Shandong team won the championship of C2 Men's Speed Track 1km Time Trial. Despite being over fifty years old, Wang still possesses great passion and vitality.

In a post-competition interview with the media, he said, "I have participated in many competitions, and this is the best venue! Both the environment and services are excellent!"

"We have always adhered to the concept of 'Sunny, Harmonious, Persevering, Sharing' in hosting the event. We benchmark the standards of the Hangzhou Asian Para Games, focus on upgrading and optimising hardware and software, pay increasing attention to details such as temporary facility arrangements, flow design, and logistical services", said a responsible person of the venue cluster operation team from the Chun'an Jieshou Sports Centre.

Source: hangzhou2022.cn/paragames  Author: Text by Li Jiameng Editor: Ye Lijiao