Asian Games Campus Football Tournaments kick off in Hangzhou  2023-03-17 19:00   

China Telecom Asian Games Campus Football Invitational Tournaments Dream Realization Action themed by "Looking for 2,022 Asian Games Dreams" was launched in Zhejiang on September 18, 2022. At present, as the official prestige partner of Hangzhou Asian Games, China Telecom has provided 100 primary and middle schools across the province with football dream kits like football, training equipment to promote the balanced development of sports in these schools.

The first match of the Asian Games Campus Football Invitational Tournaments kicked off in Hangzhou on March 15, and the boys' football teams (Class A) from four primary schools in Hangzhou attended the competition.

Next, such invitational tournaments will enter more campuses in Zhejiang to launch about 60 football matches. In the second half of the year, the final champion team will be decided. At that time, players of the champion team will have an opportunity to watch the matches of Chinese Football Team at the Asian Games venues. 

So far, the large-scale public welfare action themed by "Looking for 2,022 Asian Games Dreams" has carried out more than 20 activities. The Asian Games public welfare has covered all provinces in China, as well as foreign countries like Malaysia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, etc. The number of online and offline participants has exceeded 760 million. It is expected that the event can make more youths realize their football dreams.

Source:  Author: Text by Ye Lijiao Editor: Ye Lijiao