5G available for overseas tourists at Hangzhou Asian Games
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2023-03-17 18:57   

In the information era, people's basic necessities of life are inseparable from the internet. With the approaching of Hangzhou Asian Games, how to guarantee the communication needs of foreign tourists? 

The reporter came to the frontline business halls and customer service hotline centers of China Telecom and China Mobile as the official prestige partners of Hangzhou Asian Games to find answers. Wang Peng, Deputy Director of Zhejiang Communications Administration, said: "China is a powerful communication country in the world. We are fully capable of meeting the communication needs of foreign tourists. The tourists can locally activate the roaming function to achieve the network support in different modes of 2G-3G-4G-5G after arriving in China."

Song Bo, General Manager of the Cloud Network Department of Zhejiang Telecom, said: "The service teams are established in the Asian Games related venues and hotels. The service hotline (10000) sets up the multilingual support services for the Asian Games, and assigns the customer service personnel to provide the full service consultation for the Asian Games."

Source: hangzhou2022.cn  Author: Text by Ye Lijiao Editor: Ye Lijiao