Sports make Linping flourish  2023-01-20 16:22   

Linping (Hangzhou, Zhejiang) will undertake some events of Hangzhou Asian Games. In recent years, in order to better greet the Asian Games, Linping has made various efforts to improve landscape environment and urban functions.

More beautiful urban images

Linping is reputed as the "Silk Hub", and the district's Qingshui Silk Cotton Making Technique is selected to the Representative List of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritages of Humanity. In terms of appearance shaping, Linping Sports Centre adopts the design concept of the "Silk Road", takes the flexible appearance curve of the comprehensive training hall as the starting point of the Silk Road through the interactive methods, and connects four single buildings including Stadium, Gymnasium, Aquatic Sports Arena (Media Centre) and Training Hall, to form a venue cluster. The design concept also implies the construction of the "Belt and Road". As the open and high-quality urban area, Linping will present "Chinese Style, Zhejiang Glamour, Hangzhou Flavour and Spectacular" on the stage of the Asian Games.

In order to prepare for the Asian Games, Linping of Hangzhou has made every effort to promote the upgrading of urban roads, the development of transport construction, and the renovation of the old urban area, so as to boost the urban traffic network and environment.

Stronger event-holding capacity

In 2022, Linping Sports Centre Stadium and Gymnasium held various large-scale events, such as "Exciting Hangzhou"National Karate Championship Series (First Stop), so that the competition facilities of the Asian Games venues were tested and the competition venue management system was trained to make good preparations for better greeting the Asian Games.

Better wellbeing of the people

In recent years, Linping District has continuously released the benefits of the Asian Games rebuilt the Asian Games venues, and made them open to the public at a low price or free of charge.

In addition, Linping has also embedded the rich sports facilities under overpasses and in the green spaces of parks and other "splendid corners" to meet the fitness and leisure needs of people of different ages.

Source:  Author: Text by Ye Lijiao Editor: Ye Lijiao