Short videos with mascots involved to leave a legacy for the Asian Games  2023-01-19 16:17   

All-media Short Video Program Go! Asian Games Mascots was officially launched on January 18. It is a short video program with the theme of Hangzhou Asian Games Mascots IP, integrates the publicity highlights of the Asian Games, to share the information on preparations and promote the atmosphere of the Asian Games.

In the program, the mascots of the Asian Games will present the cute and lovely images, walk into ordinary people's homes, go deep into urban life, link enterprises and public institutions, and make multi-dimensional interaction.

Starting from today, the program will successively launch Go! Asian Games Mascots series short videos themed by "looking for the atmosphere of the New Year around you" to greet and record Chinese Lunar New Year. According to the schedule of the preparations for the Asian Games, it will release the series short videos that reflect the featured cultural activities of the Asian Games, the moments of urban life, the arenas, the progress of the preparations for the Asian Games, and the personal skills works.

The mascots are the representative images of Hangzhou Asian Games. The Hangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee will work with various media to make more people understand & promote and participate in the Asian Games through short videos or online live broadcast.

Source:  Author: Text by Ye Lijiao Editor: Ye Lijiao