Zhejiang Men's Football Team's home court for the Season 2023 settled in Huzhou
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2023-01-12 16:37   

On January 10, Zhejiang Football Club signed the cooperation agreement with Huzhou Municipal Government of Zhejiang. In 2023, Zhejiang Professional Football Team's home court will continue to be settled in Huzhou Olympic Sports Centre.

In the Season 2022, Zhejiang Team attended 12 home games in Huzhou Olympic Sports Centre, including eleven games of Chinese Super League and one 1/8 match of the Football Association Cup. Zhejiang Team stayed undefeated with nine winning games and three drawn games, which indicated the overall strength of Zhejiang Football Team. In the Season 2023, Chinese Super League will recover the home-away match system, and Zhejiang Team will challenge the AFC Champions League, Chinese Super League and Football Association Cup. The constant home court will be an important factor for the team to create good results.

Source: hangzhou2022.cn  Author: Text by Ye Lijiao Editor: Ye Lijiao