National Cricket Team accepts training in Asian Games venues  2023-01-09 16:28   

On the morning of January 6, the Cricket Field in Pingfeng Campus of Zhejiang University of Technology held the Welcome Meeting for the National Cricket Training Team Entering the Campus & "Activity of Cricket Entering the Campus Themed by Fashion Cricket Sports Promoting the National Fitness". The venue operation teams, college student volunteers, overseas students of Zhejiang University of Technology, media representatives, and Congcong as the mascot of Hangzhou Asian Games, interacted with the national famous players to experience the fun of cricket. At the welcome meeting, the Small Ball Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, National Cricket Team and Zhejiang University of Technology exchanged souvenirs. Feng Jian, the leader of the coach group of China Men's Cricket Team, gave the special training to the venue operation team so as to popularize the cricket-related knowledge.

Since December 20 last year, the National Cricket Training Team has accepted the winter training in Hangzhou for about half a month. During this period, it has been stationed in Pingfeng Campus of Zhejiang University of Technology, which marks that the cricket event of China has started the model of preparing for Hangzhou Asian Games when the team experiences the Asian Games services of the Asian Games competition venues and venue operation teams in advance.

Since the acceptance of competition functions was passed at the end of July, 2022, this winter training of the national cricket team is an important drill for the cricket operation team. Wang Wei, the deputy commander assistant for competition of the cricket operation team of Hangzhou Asian Games, stated: "In order to ensure the service support work of the venue, during the period, the school provides the national training team with all venues and facilities that can be opened, including some other equipment."

Source:  Author: Text by Li Jiameng Editor: Ye Lijiao