Esports fans enjoy the showdown of the finals on the site  2022-11-24 10:26   

On November 19, the King Glory National Finals kicked off in China Hangzhou Esports Centre, and the young esports fans came to the venue of the Asian Games with a sense of science and technology to witness the chase for the champion.

Esports can fully reflect the competitive spirit of sports and the charm of mind sports, obtaining rapid development in recent years. The King of Glory (Asian Games Version) is one of esports events of Hangzhou Asian Games, with a wide range of audiences, high popularization and extensive attention.

The tickets for this event were sold to the public so as to make audiences effectively experience the high-end equipment of the venue of the Asian Games, and further popularize esports. The fans said that they were looking forward to Chinese national flag rising at the Asian Games next year.

Source:  Author:  Editor: Ye Lijiao